The Bank On Yourself Revolution

The Bank On Yourself Revolution

Bank On Yourself® gives you the ability to afford life’s big expenses and save for your retirement.

New York Times best-selling author and financial security expert Pamela Yellen exposes how big banking systems and investing in the stock market is not the best way to save money and grow your wealth.

In her book, she reveals a concept called Bank On Yourself® that essentially teaches you how to become your own personal banker without having to completely rely on the Big 5 Banks.

Learn How To

  • Use a proven wealth creation strategy that has never had a losing year for more than 160 years!
  • Recapture interest typically paid out to banks and financing companies.
  • Grow your wealth safely and predictably every single year by creating a “liquid cash reserve” using a specific type of life insurance called dividend-paying whole life.
  • Keep more of your money over the long term.

Get Ahead of Traditional Investments and Tax Deferral Savings Plans

Learn why Bank On Yourself® is the ultimate retirement savings strategy over RRSPs or TSFAs that are government sponsored and generate little to no returns in today’s volatile markets.

The Bank On Yourself® Revolution will also teach you how to self-finance:

  • Your children’s college education without going broke
  • Your own business
  • Major lifestyle purchases such as family vacation, a new car or a down payment on a new home

In your guide to creating wealth, you’ll learn 5 simple steps to bypass banks and the stock market and beat them at their own game. So take control of your financial future and sign up for both of these invaluable resources today!

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